Coach Admin - See Revenue and Active Users on Dashboard.

Easily create new programs, workouts, pro-tips and shopping items.

Admin dashboard of Squashfit

How does it work

Duplicate and modify programs quickly for improvements or variations.

Coaches Provide Optional Programming For Various Clients that Fit their Individual Needs Perfectly.

Make Happy Clients by Providing Video, Not Just a List of Instructions.

Screenshot of User activity in Squashfit app

User Activity

Made Simple

Quickly see user activity.

Create a Pro-Tip and share across your social media to pull new users in!


For the User

Create Programs targeting unique user groups; age based, disability based, fitness style, athletic event based.

Football, Baseball, Basketball, Wrestling, Soccer, Swimming, Triathlon, Track and Field – get micro in your target and suit their needs.

Programs in Squashfit App
Screenshot of Selling products in the Squashfit dashboard

You can Sell

Add Shopping items that surround the types of programming you provide.

Add revenue to your business.


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