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Invite your followers to download and follow your Programming, Tips, Social Media on SquashFit. Your hard work will now benefit you.

Your valuable programming, social media, tips, video and shopping is an all in one solution. Keep your customers on your content.

It's better than building your own app! Text based apps are fancy PDF's. SquashFit is more like Fitness App + YouTube + TikTok + Instagram + Shopping - it's an all in one program .

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Earn more money. Manage Users easily.

SquashFit Coaches now monetize their programming, social media, tips, videos, and shopping items all in one place.

Automatically Synched with users

SquashFit gives your followers one app to be up-to-date on all your latest content.

Charge Users Based On the Programs

SquashFit provides two options for Coaches to provide their followers: Free and Premium.

70% of Coaches Fail At Having A Successful Remote Coaching Business

By providing your SquashFit link to your followers and introducing them to your Premium and Free content your value increases.

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SquashFit does NOT charge influencers to use the platform. we partner with you on the success of the platform sharing in the monthly fees of the user.